Turned on (video)

Hi all you amazing people out there!

Once again, I’ve invaded YouTube with my attempt to make people smile – and wow, I’ve really got into that stuff! It seems like I’ve blown new life into my former pointless and messy YouTube account, and I’m still working on making it better. And by the way – I guess you recognize the title? This time, I wanted to short of adopt the idea of that blog post I wrote a couple of months ago, and turn it into a YouTube video!

Good or bad result? It’s up to you to decide – but I hope you enjoy it!

Probably, this was my last update before I go to Canada – in other words, I’ll be gone for some weeks (who knows, the Internet might be relieved that I leave it a little alone for some time).

Don’t forget to keep smiling while I’m gone! And love yourself – because I said so.

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza


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