If I wear a boy’s clothes

Hi all you amazing people out there!

Okay, first of all; please tell me you see the word play in the video title. No … ? Okay, just read it over again … Just read it a couple of times … Okay, then, try singing it to that song by Beyoncé …
(And now, please tell me to face the fact that I’m not a wordsmith, by no means.)

However, a couple of days last week, during autumn holidays, I found myself in the middle of a creative bubble; y’know, those moments when you physically feel the itching in your fingertips to create something. I wanted to discover the way clothes say things about you – but how to put a smile on people’s faces at the same time? So, to add a twist to it, I borrowed a bunch of my boyfriend’s sweaters and T-shirts … Well, okay, I’ll be honest; I invaded his closet.

By the way, I showed my most recent videos to my little brother the other day, and to my great joy and also great surprise – as I’m well informed that I hold the eternal title of The Most Awkward Sister on Earth – he grinned from ear to ear. So, as I always say:

Enjoy my video, smile that Emmazing smile with me and of course, make sure to turn on that HD!

Now, break free from your computer, get out there, grab your friends, a tasty drink or – the best of them all – twenty cheeseburgers, and enjoy this lovely Friday night!


” Be Emmazing – smile with me and love yourself, because I said so.”
– Ingrid Emmariza


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