10 living rooms of my dreams

Hi all you Emmazing people out there!

The 4th of September – which I’ll remember as the most emotional day in my life – was my last day as a soldier. My last day as a member of the Band and Drill Team of His Majesty The King’s Guard of Norway. With a huge amount of baggage stuffed into boxes and bags, I left the military camp – the place which I’d considered my home those eleven months. A couple of days later, pretty confused about getting back to full time civil life, of course, I got a brand new home: My boarding school.

Great change? Oh yeah. 

Space, comfort, privacy, opportunities … Although I’ve lived here for about two months already, it’s still a whole new world to me! I’ve to say, I’ve found this change of home and the corresponding feeling of gratitude really interesting. So, today, I want to explore luxury, in the shape of 20 living rooms from houzz.com. In my eyes, they’re all so luxurious and so specious that they make me feel like I shouldn’t dare to touch them even with my innermost dreams.
So … Let’s get some cash money flow!


Holy pepperoni. My mind is already blown! The whole living room is so richly decorated I’d feel like a queen wandering around in it! And of course, the grand piano is a big, big plus, as well as the huge windows and the great view. However, although I’m a fan of bright and white surroundings, I’d like to add some more color to it all. A colorful four cheese pizza with ham and bacon on that table, for example.


Woah, I fully understand why this living room is given its name – it sure is a dream! It doesn’t only have a beautiful fireplace, but also a perfect TV shelf. And hello, baby; isn’t there a swimming pool outside, as well? But the best part of it all: LOOK AT ALL THOSE PILLOWS! Get outta my way, people – COWABUNGA!


Hey … Where did the TV go? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t matter at all when it comes to this beautiful design!  Imagine yourself waking up in a late and sunny Saturday morning, putting on your extra fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Then, you walk into this living room to the sight of breakfast on the table … *sigh*


Yes. Yes, yes, yes. YES. So far, this is my absolute favorite! Once again, I’d like to add a pizza or too and maybe some cheeseburgers to color this room, but otherwise, I find this living room very pleasant … AND I FOUND PILLOWS, SO IT’S OKAY.


Wow, man! This looks like the holiday apartment of some kind of oil sheik – so exotic. So many details. So much gold. So much decoration. There’s a whole lot of “too much” in here, but just imagine spending a few days in here! I think I’d spend several hours just admiring, contemplating and inhaling all those patterns and details – and then, my brain would get a solid breakdown.


LOVE cabin life, so this log living room really hits my heart! And whoa, what a beautiful view! I could sit in here for hours, enjoying a good book and the sight of the wonderful nature outside. Yep, I really loved this one!


Oh, hi there, couch! Well, first of all, I really like the clean and modern design, as well as the lighting – the sum of this makes it a quite cozy place to be! Actually, this looks like the perfect place for a solid “home alone” party. Or huge pizza parties, as we actually have four tables here, people! Yeah, definitely huge pizza parties. Lots of’ em.


Guys, look at this – there’s a bar in the living room! Actually, this room reminds me of a hotel lounge, and I’ve to say – I like it! My brain is trying to figure out an opinion about the decorations, though – too many details, or okay? Well, a living room with such a built-in bar belongs to my dreams anyway, or what?


Well … This living room looks like something Christian Grey would like. The lack of colors, pizzas and cheeseburgers makes the room less satisfying to my taste, and also, the design is so … clean. So … simple. And so … white. But oh yeah baby, those windows, with that wonderful view on top of it all!


… And oh, here’s the short of colored version of it! Wow, I really like those golden colors … It seems like the room is constantly bathed in the light of a sunset. In here – looking at the great ocean, surrounded by the warm atmosphere created by those golden colors – I’d find a lot of inspiration for songwriting.

… Aaaaand we’re back to reality! Wow, luxury is … well … interesting! And I really loved number 3, the modern farmhouse … But hey, it’s great inspiration, though! Browsing such websites is actually a whole lot of fun, or what do you think? Did you like any of these 10 living rooms?
And maybe I’ll check out luxury yachts next time?

… And by the way: True luxury is the feeling of a fluffy bathrobe.


” Be Emmazing – smile with me and love yourself, because I said so.”
– Ingrid Emmariza


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