Flirting with autumn

Hi all you Emmazing people out there!

Before you read on, I want your mind, your thoughts and your entire body to be completely at peace. So, now, I want you to conquer your very own favorite snuggling place; your couch, your bed … Or just bury yourself into a huge bunch of the softest pillows that exist within your reach (I guess you know what I’d have chosen … )
You see, for this blog post, I really want you to be wrapped in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere …

Autumn has never been among my top four favorite seasons. When I think about it, we actually have only four seasons in total, as far as I know. Therefore, I wanted to explore this season and dig deeper into the wonders and beauty of it, as I tend to consider it cold, dark and … well … sad.
It resulted in a video, trying to catch those small signs of autumn and how it affects nature. Also, I added my self-written piece for flute and piano, “Winds”, a musical illustration of the winds of autumn.

Sit back and enjoy – I hope you like what hits your eyes, your ears … and your heart.


“It’s not enough to reach out for your dreams – we also have to never let go.”
– Ingrid Emmariza 


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