Reacting to old Facebook statuses

Music Of The Life

Hi all you amazing people out there!
Guess what? It’s throwback time! So why not make it the most embarrassing throwback ever? There’s no doubt … Let’s check out my old Facebook stuff!

“What’s on your mind?”
This little question is probably the first words that meet your eyes when you log into Facebook. And it’s been asked as long as I can remember. I’ve to say, it’s pretty interesting to ask myself the same question now, as I dig into my old and apparently brainless Facebook statuses from 2010. However, those statuses are originally written in Norwegian, of course, but I’ll do my best to translate them as authentic as possible. Seriously, someone should have warned the 14 year old me about my extremely low level of intelligence.

“Today, I’ve learned that ‘Big One Triple Cheese’ tastes extremely good when one’s hungry, and when you’re not hungry anymore…

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