That day in April

That day.
That day in April that finally came. 

That day when one thing about me changed. 
One thing.
Nothing else has changed – nor the fact that my dear Petter and I are happily in love, our love grows everyday and we know that it will be us forever.
But what’s more important in this case: I’M STILL ME. 

The one thing that has changed, is that I’ve finally managed to accept myself as I am – a little bit more than before. Accept something that I’ve tried to push away for so many years.
I lied to myself. Over and over again.
Stop it – it’s just imagination.”
Stop it – it’s all in your head.”

Then, this year came.
April came.
And with that, that day came.
That day when I defied my fears and my inner barriers, and went over to the mirror to admit it all to myself. Once and for all. I knew the truth; it burned with the intensity of all the thousand times I’d denied and rejected it throughout the years.

So, there I stood, in front of the mirror.
Just like a movie cliché.
Finally, I opened my mouth – and the words that came out, lifted a burden from my shoulders that I didn’t even knew existed.

“Hi. I’m Ingrid Emmariza.
And I’m bisexual.”


“It’s not enough to reach out for our dreams – we also have to never let go.”
– Ingrid Emmariza 


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