Being damn sexy

Hi all you Emmazing people out there!

Oh yeah – I keep building my YouTube channel by making new videos! This time, I’ve made some fun out of introducing you all to this quite new app called Kiwi Q&A. I hope I’ll make you smile with it!

Hopefully, I’ll grow an audience on YouTube, as well as I work with growing my audience here on WordPress! And of course – if you’ve any feedback for me, let me know!

” Be Emmazing – smile with me and love yourself, because I said so.”
– Ingrid Emmariza


My music: Cover mashup: David Guetta – “Titanium” + Broiler – “Rays of Light”

Hi all you Emmazing people out there!

Or – to all of you who follow the same time zone as me – good morning! For the last 11 days, I’ve enjoyed my much longed-for two weeks of summer vacation. Right now, I watch the beautiful sunrise as it breaks through the clouds, wrapped in my boyfriend’s sweatershirt (gosh, why is his clothes so extremely more comfortable than my own?). This morning, I woke up quite early, because it was just like my brain screamed “Adventure time!” when it noticed the small sun rays on the window sill. Unfortunately, this “adventure time mode” didn’t bring me further than the sofa.

So, because of all those little things, I’m in a lovely morning mood, which I really want to share with you. You see, some days ago – while singing illegally loud in the car as I always do – I discovered the similarities between David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Broiler’s “Rays of Light”. Therefore, yesterday, I buried myself into my own musical world for some hours and recorded a mashup of these two songs (as the perfectionist I am, and according to the fact that it was made in only one day, I still force myself not to view it as careless work).

Here it is – “Titanium” and “Rays of Light” as one song. It was an interesting and fun experiment, and I really hope you like what you hear!

” Be Emmazing – smile with me and love yourself, because I said so.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

Emmariza is home!

Hi all you EMMAZING people out there!
(Yep, I just made a new word … My new word … *Wildly applauding myself*)

But, seriously … HI! Hi, my dear followers, my dear viewers, my dear readers … How are you?! Wow, I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks, and it feels like this place has been untouched for an eternity. But, actually – according to the blog statistics – fact is that my blog has had a couple of visitors every day since I went to Canada! Wow, guys … just wow! If you only could see my smile right now!

So … What have I actually been up to? As I told you in my last YouTube video, I went to Canada with my fellow soldiers of the Band and Drill Team of His Majesty The King’s Guard of Norway, as performers on the world’s largest annual indoor show: Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

Of course – i’s been the greatest adventure of my life so far, and performing our show for thousands of people gave me an amazing feeling of fulfilling a dream and being at the right place in my life. In October, when every part of my new military life seemed so strange and challenging, the Tattoo was just something in the distant future. Now, only 9 months later, we’re known all over the world for our shows, as well as we’re considered as “the best of the best” when it comes to drill performances. I’ve to say it once again: Wow. It’s just unbelievable!

So, with this: Emmariza is home, guys! I’d like to share a more detailed version of my adventure with you, which I consider as perfect material for my new YouTube video. Hopefully, it’s ready in a few days!

It’s EMMAZING to be back – enjoy summer, smile with me and love yourself, because I said so!

” Be Emmazing – smile with me and love yourself, because I said so.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

Turned on (video)

Hi all you amazing people out there!

Once again, I’ve invaded YouTube with my attempt to make people smile – and wow, I’ve really got into that stuff! It seems like I’ve blown new life into my former pointless and messy YouTube account, and I’m still working on making it better. And by the way – I guess you recognize the title? This time, I wanted to short of adopt the idea of that blog post I wrote a couple of months ago, and turn it into a YouTube video!

Good or bad result? It’s up to you to decide – but I hope you enjoy it!

Probably, this was my last update before I go to Canada – in other words, I’ll be gone for some weeks (who knows, the Internet might be relieved that I leave it a little alone for some time).

Don’t forget to keep smiling while I’m gone! And love yourself – because I said so.

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

Those military girls

Hi all you amazing people out there (I forgot to say it in the video, I’m sorry)!

Two days of video making, and I already LOVE it – and wow, it seems like you do, too! Compared to what I expected, those two videos – “Miracle” and “Lipstick & Pajamas” – made the numbers of visitors on my blog go crazy yesterday. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you like today’s new video!

(Yeah, I know, I spelled what was supposed to be “Pizzaddicted” wrong – something has to go wrong when I try to make my own words … )

As I’ve mentioned in the video, I don’t know when I’ll have the opportunity to make a new one, because of a military tattoo in Canada coming up in a couple of weeks – but after that journey I’ll have two weeks of summer holiday! Until then, I’ve some afternoons off service from time to time, so hopefully, something will pop up – either here or there – very soon!

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

Lipstick & Pajamas

Hi all you amazing people out there!

Once again: FINALLY! Yesterday’s video was a great success in my eyes, and now, it’s time to step out properly from behind the keyboard and show you the real me (I now announce myself as capable of using iMovie, hurray)! I hope I’ll make you smile at least once during this little video.

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

My music: “Miracle” (video)

Hi all you amazing people out there!

One word: FINALLY! *Reaching for my chips bowl in happiness* For a long time now, I’ve had this strong urge to write a new song, but of course, military life keeps me more busy than ever. Therefore, today, I decided to thoroughly park my ass on the sofa and do something about it – and guess what, it actually resulted in a new song (or at least a quite solid draft), “Miracles”!
And then – wait! – a flash of intelligence knocked on my brain’s door, saying “Haven’t you wanted to make a video on this blog for weeks?” I decided to give myself another challenge: Filming myself singing my new song.

So, here it is: A simple video – a little tired voice, a little shaky on the strings – of myself singing “Miracles”. You’ll find the lyrics below – I hope you like it!

Where there’s sunshine, there must be rain.
Where there’s joy, there must be pain.
Oh, whoever you are,
wherever you go,
one day nothing remains.

You were born to walk in the light.
Your heartbeat’s the song of your life.
Oh, a song of a wonder,
the wonder of you,
words are yours to decide.

When you wonder why,
you wonder why
in this world you mean nothing at all,

then open your eyes,
open your eyes,
believe me,
you’re a miracle.

I walked in a meadow tonight,
counting stars, what a beautiful sight.
Oh, flowers of heaven,
oh, frozen souls,
I’ve got a heart,
but what am I.

The wind drew me out to the sea,
singing without melody.
Sky and sea danced together,
oh, wonderful stars,
I saw them,
I saw me.

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

3 steps to a perfect Friday dinner

Hi all you amazing people out there!

“I don’t care if Monday’s blue.
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too.
Thursday I don’t care about you.
It’s Friday I’m in love.”

Those are the words of the song “Friday I’m in love” by The Cure. And it’s absolutely true – there’s really something special about Fridays and their chemical reaction with love. As you know, I love finding excuses for celebration (as I just celebrated 50 likes on my blog), and tonight, my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 47 month anniversairy. For this occasion, we just made what I consider the PERFECT Friday dinner, spicing up the romantic mood. As my food vocabulary first of all embraces pizza and cheeseburgers, my corresponding cooking skills are quite limited, so I’m really proud that tonight’s cooking resulted in great success – and now, we want to share the three-step recipe to a perfect Friday dinner with you, hoping to spice up your Friday night, as well!

… Oh, wait, before you read on: I was so freakin’ hungry that I totally forgot to take any photos of our food, which means that I’ve to search for illustrations on the Internet … But hey, that food was so good looking and so tasty that you’d do the same!

First of all, before you embark on the journey to this tasteful destination, you should have an operative grill. Or, if you’re not in the mood for going hunting in the depths of your garage, don’t worry – trust in your frying pan.
Then, you’re ready for kicking off the main course of this perfect Friday dinner; marinated chicken fillets wrapped in bacon strips. Yeah, it’s as simple as that – but wow, how tasty!

bacon wrapped chicken breast recipe
(Taken from

Of course something’s missing! What’s a chicken dish without rice? My boyfriend cooks the best rice, using his aunt’s amazing recipe. Once again, sometimes, simple actions are the key to big differences, and in this case, it’s a key in the shape of onion and olive oil. Cut a yellow onion into small pieces, then put it in a saucepan and fry it in olive oil. Add the rice, fry it a little, then boil it with broth and some salt. When served on the plate, add a small amount of butter, let it melt into the rice and voilà – the chicken dish is complete!

(Taken from

… And now, here’s where my cooking skills come in! Although my picky sense of taste actually gives me no right to judge what’s good food or not, but if it’s something I know, it’s that my focaccia is really good – Italian bread at its best! And what’s even better? It fits to any main course! There’re many focaccia recipes to choose from, but this one is my favorite.


0,25 dl yeast
3 dl lukewarm water
1 teaspoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
3 tablespoons of olive oil

7 dl of flour

2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of coarse sea salt
1 teaspoon of dried rosemary

220 °C in the middle of the oven, 20 minutes

Put the ingredients in a bowl, make a dough and knead it thoroughly. Let it rise for half an hour, then put the dough on a griddle. Add the topping and put the bread into the oven, wait for 20 minutes … And there you have it – a focaccia to add to your dinner!

(Taken from

Yeah, that’s right. And that indicates that something’s still missing to your Friday dinner – some good glasses of wine. Tonight, I’ve enjoyed the Spanish “Gran Feudo” and the German “Riesling” – both are highly recommended!

Look, I remembered to take a photo of the wines before drinking …

So … That describes this Friday’s perfect dinner in three steps! How does your perfect Friday dinner look like? I really hope you want to give mine a try – I swear it’s a solid party for any taste buds! With this, I wish you all a great weekend!

Pressthis 5

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’ll rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza

Celebrating 50 likes!

Hi all you amazing people out there!

Wow, guess what? And wow, that’s a really stupid question as I’ve already spoiled it with the headline … Wow, I’m dumb. I’m trying again.

*Performing a perfectly unsteady drum roll on the table* I’ve reached 50 likes on my blog! Great thanks to all my faithful readers! Despite the fact that my fellow soldiers and I find ourselves in the middle of our so-called “drill season”, making us more busy than ever – I promise, being members of the world famous Band Team of His Majesty The King’s Guard of Norway has turned us all into celebrities – you seem to enjoy and appreciate my blog. And, above all, you seem to appreciate me – not only as a blogger, but also as a person – which means more to me than one hundred cheeseburgers … Okay, two hundred, then!
And, as you know, I love finding excuses for celebration (just like when I celebrated 10 posts on my blog), and this occasion is, of course, no exception!

Phew, well, that was a long appetizer! So, as today’s number is 50, I’ll serve you today’s main course, no matter if you find it tasty or not: 50 random facts about me!

1. My full name is Ingrid Emmariza Aarskog (“Aarskog means something like “Yearwoods” in English, if you wondered), which makes me Private Aarskog in the military.

2. Emma Riza was my filipino first name.

3. I can rap the lyrics of “low” by Flo Rida by heart.

4. I suck at mental arithmetic, but imaginary finger counting works great.

5. My favorite band is The 1975.
When I’m home alone, I just can’t handle silence. To get comfortable, I’ve to turn on some loud music, or turn on the TV, as well as I talk out loud to myself. Mostly in English, sometimes in French. Why, you ask? Me too.

7. This is my most liked profile picture on Facebook, with 167 likes. Moral: Get your ass in a uniform, get likes on Facebook.

I. Love. Disney. Movies. LOVE.

9. I think way too much about thinking.

Wordpress 3

10. For some weird reason, I very often scratch my ears in my sleep at night. And that’s not all; I scratch them so furiously that when sleeping in my military bed, I actually wake all my five roommates up. Yep, I’m a horrible roommate.

11. Pizza means the world to me – Big One Triple Cheese is my lovely favorite.

12. My favorite YouTubers and role models on the Internet are Connor Franta and Jamie Curry. And by the way, do yourself a favor and subscribe to their channels. Like, right now. Yeah, now. Now.

Lovely. Just lovely.

The definition of true awesomeness!

13. Because of my Asian origin, my alcohol limits are … well … limited.

14. My Asian origin has also ensured that I’m intolerant to beer. Good thing I don’t like it anyway!

15. Right now, when writing this post, I listen to “Lean On” by Major Lazer.

16. If I don’t have access to Facebook or my cell phone, I feel super isolated.

17. I’m probably the most picky person in the world when it comes to food. At the beginning of my military service it was actually a very big problem, and fainting during a session with combat conditioning made me realize that I really had to make a change.

18. I don’t always pay attention to fences … But when I do, I breakdance on’em.

19. I’ve played the flute for 12 years, but actually, when I started playing in my school marching band as an eight-year-old, I wanted to play the trumpet. Unfortunately, there were no trumpets left for me. Today, I still have this feeling that the trumpet fits my musical attitude more than the flute.

My boyfriend is a trumpet player, and I’ve much fun borrowing it. Though, when I play on it, it rather sounds like musical farting.

20. However, I love writing music for flute. For example, I’ve written a piece for five flutes called “Se meg”  (meaning “See me”), and a flute trio called “Arrival of Spring” consisting of three movements, “Dance of the Snow Crystals”, “Tale of the Storm” and “Song of the Sun”.




24. I have an awesome little brother, Kjetil Jerico. He’s a great musician – he plays the guitar and sings like a god – with a wide range of tastes in music. I recommend you all to check out his SoundCloud page!

25. This is my most liked photo on Instagram, with 51 likes – taken before the drill season brought all this high-frequency piccolo playing into my life.

26. Right now, my brain tries to convince me that the piccolo is the reason why I scratch my ears in my sleep.

27. Weather affects my mood very easily. If I wake up to the sound of raindrops on my window … Well, let’s say I get up looking like the grumpy cat.

28. I’ve a driver’s licence, but I haven’t driven a car for about half a year. Wow, I miss driving in the summer, sunglasses on, listening to the radio with the car windows rolled down … *sigh*

29. I’ve no piercings or tattoos, but I really want to get a tattoo after the military!

30. To straighten my hair properly, I’ve to spend two hours. Good thing I’ve made my own list of movies for such tedious activities. “Step Up 4” is my absolute favorite.
Pressthis 2

31. My boyfriend means the world to me even more than pizza does.

32. He just washed and combed my hair, and I feel blessed.

33. I love dancing in the bathroom with headphones on, lip syncing to some good music.

34. … And when I worked as a Hip Hop instructor, most of the moves for the coreographies were made that way. So, my dear dancers – yeah, you performed moves made in a bathroom for those hundreds of people.

Oh, how I miss this! Here, we’re dancing to Havana Brown’s “We Run The Night”, and the coreography was was mainly made in the bathroom.

35. An emoji describing my mood right now:

36. I actually like listening to music by Justin Bieber.

37. I actually don’t see the point of hating on his music.

38. I love strength exercising, and since I was a kid I’ve found fitness and muscle building very interesting. I dream of a fit and muscular body … I’ll never be able to sacrifice pizza and cheeseburgers for it, though.


39. I can do 40 push ups in a row, but only 26 sit ups.

40. When I was younger, I had this huge obsession with dogs – which has resulted in my abilities of growling, barking and running on all fours.

41. I love acoustic versions of songs.

42. I know how to handle a HK-416, but I wish I was better at shooting with it.

43. I’ve had shin splints in both legs as long as I can remember. Thanks, Breakdance.

44. My last kiss was seven minutes ago.

45. After a shower, I love walking around in pajamas, bathrobe and slippers, being all cozy.

46. I’m super ticklish!

47. However, the best way of waking me up in a weekend morning is tickling my neck …

48. … And if you do that; no matter how much I try to resist, I’ll make snuggle noises.

49. I love giving hugs.

50. Considering all those facts, I guess you think I’m quite weird.

Well, that’s a huge bunch of random information about me! I hope you enjoyed this little celebration with me, and if not – go eat five cheeseburgers, and you’ll feel perfect in three and a half second.

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’ll rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza