5 steps to write a song

Hi all you amazing people out there!
Now as you’ve got a taste of my music, you might wonder how I actually write them. At least one of my friends did the other day, when she asked me the following question: “Hey – how do you actually make songs?” I was just about to answer, but then, the whole machinery in my brain stopped working. You know the feeling when people ask you about your favorite movie or song, for example? That’s how I felt right then. And I realize now that when I try to remember the “in the making” process of one of my songs, I’m only able to grasp a few glimpses – like having a hangover! Me and my weird things …

So, to give you some advice, I ask myself the following question: “Hey – if you were to write a song here and now, how would you get going?”

Of course, first of all, I need to find out what I want to make a song about. My songs always have roots in my feelings, experiences and how life’s going in general, so my best advice to myself is to gather myself together and find out what occupies my mind the most right now. My thoughts about military life would be a great idea.

Then, I need some paper, a trusty pencil and an even more trusty eraser. The lyrical brainstorming has begun; I write down my thoughts and sort them out. I form them as a poem, trying to make good rhymes, forming my message using metaphors, comparisons and other linguistic techniques that requires being quite deep. I often think of lyrics from good songs I know, and how they bring their message.

Okay, the lyrics are done – let’s get the music started! First, I need an instrument that gives me access to chords, to kick off the musical brainstorming. I prefer using my guitar for this, but if it’s not within my reach, I use my keyboard. Or else, if neither of those are within my reach, I go hunting for something useful.

Great, the lyrics are done, I have an instrument I know how to play … Seems like it’s time to let go of my voice! This is, in my opinion, the funniest part of the songwriting, when I try to give melodies and rhythm to the words I’ve scribbled down. This is the point where I usually have to make some changes to the lyrics so they fit into the music, resulting in a couple of challenges. Or five.

… And voilà – I’ve just written a new song! It’s time for recording, and I decide which instruments and sound effects I want to use. And when I come to this part – HANGOVER TIME! Mostly the whole process is forgotten. How did I actually get the idea of the lyrics? And how did I make the melody? Blank. 

Well, there you have my way of writing songs! (Or, most likely, it is.) Maybe it’s something to try out? Or if you’re already a songwriter – how do you get going when writing a song?

Me and my guitar (1)

“I won’t call myself a weirdo. I’d rather say that I’m creative in an extremely weird way.”
– Ingrid Emmariza


6 thoughts on “5 steps to write a song

  1. it’s all kind of blurry 0.0 I never thought about it until I read this. I guess I have to admit that it all starts with my absolutely horrible beatboxing 🙂 it eventually evolves into something far better but in the beginning I’m pretty sure I just sound diseased Hehe

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      1. I know how you feel – I spend hours and hours on recording, and still, it never seems to get good enough! Good luck with your piece, it’s always fun to try new things, especially when it comes to music!

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